Immune Clinical Studies, a Microbiome Approach

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Duration: 23 min

Abstract: Join our immune research experts  from University College Cork, to learn more about the relationship between the microbiome and the immune system, and its impact on respiratory health. We will review its implications when designing and conduction human clinical studies.

The key goals:

  • To understand the microbiome interactions with the host immune system.
  • To explore the lung microbiome.
  • To introduce clinical trials on the area of Immunity.


Dr John MacSharry | Prof. of Medical Microbiology and Researcher at APC Microbiome Ireland

Prof. MacSharry research is focused on the interactions of the host mucosal epithelium and microbes in the lung, gut, and urinary tract. Currently encompasses the Asthmatic lung microbiome, Gut sensing of commensal Bifidobacterium, COVID-19 immune responses, Microbial survival and Immune evasion during Urinary Tract Infection.

Dr. Liam O’Mahony | Prof. of Immunology at the Departments of Medicine and Microbiology, researcher at APC Microbiome Ireland

Prof. O’Mahony's research interests are focused on the molecular basis for microbe and metabolite modulation of mucosal inflammatory responses, the basic mechanisms by which microbes influence allergic sensitization within the gut, skin and lungs.

Barry Skillington | CCO at Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

Barry has over 25 years’ experience working in the food sector in both product and business development, in Ireland and the USA. He has spent the last seven years at Atlantia as CCO, where it is today as one of the leading Food Clinical Trials companies.

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