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Beauty from Within 

Build consumer trust and cements your brand's market leadership, fueling growth and loyalty.

Atlantia Clinical Trials excels in the Beauty from Within sector, offering science-backed solutions for substantiating your ingestible beauty claims. Our method identifies your product's unique challenges—from improving skin health to ensuring safety—and designs efficient, effective trials to solidify your claims. 


Skin Microbiome

Meet regulations and boost your marketing approach by highlighting you dedication to science-backed beauty solutions.

As a leader in Skin Microbiome products, Atlantia offers unparalleled research and expert collaborations to differentiate your products in the market. We foster partnerships with top researchers to harness the full potential of your products. Our trials highlight your product's interaction with the skin's microbiome, providing robust evidence of efficacy and safety. 


Atopic Skin Conditions 

Showcase your product's effectiveness to build trust and establish a competitive advantage.

For products targeting Atopic Skin Conditions, proving efficacy and safety is paramount. Atlantia leverages a vast database of diverse volunteers, including those with chronic conditions like dermatitis, rosacea, and psoriasis, to conduct tailored trials. Our approach ensures products meet scientific standards and fulfill the needs of affected individuals, providing strong evidence to support your claims and distinguish your brand. 




The Atlantia Difference

Expert Team

Our team of expert clinical research professionals is well-versed in the ICH-GCP standard and brings a wealth of knowledge in medical, data quality science, and regulatory compliance.

Owned Facilities

We own and operate two cutting-edge clinical facilities, one located in Cork, Ireland, and the other in Chicago, USA. Our facilities feature private consultation rooms, central phlebotomy/PK areas, and specialized equipment such as DXA and bioimpedance machines.

Medical Network

We collaborate with private hospital groups and medical organizations that offer specialized medical supervision and patient referrals for specific patient-focused trials. Whether serving as a CRO, recruitment site, or both, we help you optimize your resources and time effectively.

Hybrid Trials

Strike the perfect balance between rigor and flexibility with our hybrid trial model. Tailored to suit the specific requirements of your study, our trials are crafted to enhance efficiency, speed, and participant involvement while keeping costs in check.


How does Atlantia ensure regulatory compliance for "Beauty from Within" products?

Atlantia meticulously navigates the complex regulatory landscape for "Beauty from Within" products by aligning study designs with EFSA and FDA guidelines, ensuring that all health claims are substantiated and compliant. Our deep understanding of both food supplement and cosmetic regulations ensures your products meet global standards.

What approach does Atlantia use to validate the efficacy of microbiome beauty products?

Our validation process involves advanced microbiological analyses and clinical trials to demonstrate how our sponsors' products positively impact the skin's microbiome. This scientific rigor supports the development of compelling, evidence-based marketing claims that resonate with consumers and comply with regulatory standards.

How can Atlantia help in marketing products designed for atopic skin conditions?

Atlantia aids sponsors by conducting clinical studies that prove their products' effectiveness in managing or alleviating atopic skin conditions, ensuring that all marketing claims are accurate and supported by clinical evidence. This approach not only builds consumer trust but also adheres to the stringent regulations governing products for specific skin conditions.


We use gold standard clinical measurements to validate and verify your data from both quantitative and qualitative clinical outcomes. We can test a host of endpoints from blood, stool, urine, saliva and other outputs. We work with a range of validated tools to assess and quantify patient reported outcomes across a vast array of measurement parameters. Data can be collected directly from patients or through validated tools to report on outcomes.

What makes Atlantia's study design for cosmetic products stand out?

Atlantia’s study designs stand out due to our focus on rigorous scientific methodologies, tailored to each product's unique claims and market goals. Our affiliation with the APC Microbiome Institute enriches our capability to conduct advanced microbiome research, making our clinical trials particularly suited for substantiating claims about microbiome and skin health products.

Our Clinical Trial Process

Study design is a significant phase of any clinical research project. At Atlantia we can plan and guide you to design a successful trial depending on your focus: to increase sales, obtain a health claim, or as a proof of efficacy.

Our regulatory services include ethical submissions and approvals, our team takes into account the regulatory environment of your organisation to provide highly compliant study design.

Atlantia excels in meeting recruitment milestones with a track record of success. Our access to diverse populations of all ages allows us to efficiently recruit anywhere from 20 to 600 participants per trial, always staying on time and on budget.

Our unique model boosts control, reduces the risk of data discrepancies, and gives our clients peace of mind by centralizing services within one expert organization rather than multiple contract research organizations.

At Atlantia your clinical data is at the centre of our service. When the samples are collected either during study visits or remotely they are prepared and stored at our facilities at -80*c, -20*C or refrigerated temperature and analysed by our research partners.

At Atlantia Clinical Research, our team offers a thorough study reporting service. Our statisticians follow ICH-GCP standards to create a detailed statistical study report, and upon request, we can provide a complete clinical study report as well.

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