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Atlantia Clinical Trials

About Us

International Clinical Trials

Atlantia Clinical Trials is a world leading clinical research organisation that specialises in conducting ground breaking clinical trials for nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, and medical devices. We are experts in managing each type of human clinical study and are here every step of the way to help your company progress into the future, whether you are looking to obtain proof of efficacy, substantiate a health claim, or simply to gather clinical evidence to support your sales and marketing.


Over 200+ trials completed

11 Years In Business
30000+ Volunteers
12000+ Sq Ft Dedicated Clinic Space

Trusted By Innovators


"We expected, and got, solution-orientated answers in a suitable time frame, we appreciated their overall service including the expertise, way of working, and customer friendliness."

"Adaptability with trial design and inputs is great!  I expect them to be able to answer the questions I have and they always do."

"I trust Atlantia in their capabilities to conduct successfully clinical trials. We have good previous experience together and I know Atlantia is always improving."

"High quality work, expertise in nutritional intervention studies, very flexible and responsive, very transparent."


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