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Skin Microbiome from a Clinical Perspective

The pandemic has created a wellness-focused consumer. This has driven demand for clinically validated evidence behind products, extending to traditional beauty areas such as skincare. Including clinically proven ingredients will increase the success of a product. Join us on this live panel discussion with experts in academic research, in vitro & in vivo commercial research. The goal of this panel is to discuss cosmetic research and how new innovations could be brought to the market.

Duration: 36 mins

Webinar Highlights

Topics discussed

  1. In-vitro methods for skin research
  2. In-vivo methods for dermatology studies
  3. Latest research outcomes from skin microbiome experts


Shauna Cusack

Shauna Cusack

Over 10 years experience in research, development, and sales.

Global Sales Manager
Atlantia Clinical Trials

Julie O'Sullivan

Julie O'Sullivan

Researcher exploring the gut-skin connection.

Postdoctoral researcher
APC Microbiome Ireland

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Panel Discussion: Skin Microbiome from a Clinical Perspective