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Immune Clinical Studies: A Microbiome Approach

Join our immune research experts from University College Cork, to learn more about the relationship between the microbiome and the immune system, and its impact on respiratory health. We will review its implications when designing and conducting human clinical studies.

Duration: 75 mins

Webinar Highlights

Key goals:

  • To understand the microbiome interactions with the host immune system.
  • To explore the lung microbiome.
  • To introduce clinical trials on the area of Immunity.


Barry Skillington

Barry Skillington

Barry helped build the brand and customer base to where it is today.

Chief Commercial Officer
Atlantia Clinical Trials

Liam O’Mahony

Liam O’Mahony

Investigating microbes influence  within the gut, skin, and lungs.

Principal investigator
APC Microbiome Ireland

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Immune Clinical Studies, a Microbiome Approach