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The influence of the microbiome and diet on immunity
Learn about the relationship between the human microbiome, diet, and the immune system.
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Panel Discussion: Clinical Trial Design
live therapeutics clinical trials
Our Scientific Clinical Research team meets together to respond to some of the main questions on how to design a human clinical study for microbiome based-products.  
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Clinical Trial Design: Cognitive and Mental Health
Join Suszie Tyree, Research Manager PhD at Atlantia Clinical Trials, our Research manager who assists in the development of clinical trial protocols studying probiotics, nutraceuticals and medical foods speaks through the main clinical considerations. Gain valuable insight into the clinical trial design for trials investigating the gut-brain axis, including cognitive assessment tools, trial duration, considerations for making regulatory claims, and other aspects of clinical trial design to consider while developing your studies. 
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Food Development for Microbiome Modulation
Humankind faces a crisis of non-communicable chronic diseases that encompass pathologies such as obesity (and its co-morbidities), inflammatory bowel diseases, allergies, and autoimmune diseases. Microbiome alterations (dysbioses) induced through lifestyle and diet have been implicated in this development. There is tremendous potential for the targeted modulation and restoration of gut microbiota composition and functionality to combat chronic diseases.
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Antimicrobial potential of the human skin microbiota - Dr. Julie O'Sullivan
Skin microbiome clinical research
Join Dr Julie O'Sullivan to understand her research on the area of skin microbiome and how to translate those advancements into final cosmetic products thanks to the validation through human clinical trials. What kind of biomarkers and other considerations to take on board.
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COVID Microbiome Clinical Research
microbiome clinical research and covid19
Join Suszie Tyree, Medical Writer PhD at Atlantia Clinical Trials, on this overview on the microbiome and COVID metanalysis and benchmark. Opportunities and challenges tend to arise when a situation of change occurs. How has the COVID-19 crisis disrupted microbiome research and industry?
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Brain-Gut-Microbiota Axis
brain-gut-microbiome axis
That bacteria might have a positive mental health benefit is now becoming clear. Such bacteria may influence the capacity to deal with stress, reducing anxiety, perhaps positively impacting on mood and are now called psychobiotics. Join our Medical Director, Ted Dinan on this presentation & learn more about the Bran-Gut-Microbiota Axis.
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Immune clinical studies
Microbiome clinical studies, immunity approach
Join our immune research experts from University College Cork, to learn more about the relationship between the microbiome and the immune system, and its impact on respiratory health. We will review its implications when designing and conduction human clinical studies.
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Stress Trial Design for Functional Foods
stress clinical trials
Functional Foods might support brain function, however those health benefits should be validated through Human Clinical Trials. Join our Medical Director, Ted Dinan on this free to attend presentation and learn about how to design a clinical study on cognitive and mental health.
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Video Camera Endoscopy Trials
Probiotic bacteria have been demonstrated to have possible therapeutic effects against intestinal inflammation. Capsule endoscopy is now the gold standard for assessing occult gastrointestinal bleeding. Our CEO, Andrea Doolan, presents a human clinical study, aiming at investigating the ability of the probiotic strain in attenuating and/or reversing deterioration in the healthy human gastrointestinal tract.
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EFSA Health Claims Webinar
Human Intervention Studies and EFSA claims
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) states that human intervention studies are ‘central’ to health claim substantiation and are also the ‘top of the hierarchy’ that informs decisions. What are the key deliverables for any human intervention study or package of studies? Join our Regulatory Steve Morrison to learn about EFSA Health Claims and Human Clinical Trials.
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Clinical studies in elderly populations
Human clinical studies are considered the gold standard method for the scientific substantiation of claims by the main health institutions and a powerful marketing and sales tool. However, there are some challenges and considerations when designing and conducting clinical trials involving elderly participants. Join us to unveil the secrets of human clinical studies within an ageing population.
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