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Stress Study

Cork Clinic - Actively Taking Applications

Experiencing stress lately?

If this sounds like you, our new study could be the right fit. We are carrying out research on a food product supplement that might help reduce your stress levels.

All participants will receive €525 upon completion of the study. 

Stressed women with hands on her head at wooden desk with papers laptop and glasses

Study Background

This study is investigating the effect of a food product. The product used in this study is often used as a sugar alternative. It can be naturally found in fruits & vegetables and is a widely used food ingredient in products such as cakes, chocolate & chewing gum. 

Previous research into the study product has shown that consumption led to a significant increase in specific gut bacteria associated with reduced stress, improved sleep and reduced depression, however, more research is needed to give any conclusive evidence. 

Who is Eligible?

All our studies have eligibility criteria which is dependent on the type of study, the health area and the population.

  • Aged 18-50
  • BMI over 18-30.0
  • Moderately stressed

Stressed women sitting up in bed with hands on head


What's Involved

Study Type

This study is a cross-over study, meaning you will receive both the study product and a placebo product over the study duration.


You will consume the study product daily for 4 weeks, then take a break for 4 weeks with no product, followed by another 4 weeks of taking the second study product.


Attend 6 onsite visits to our clinic over 13 weeks.


Blood, urine (for those of child bearing potential), stool & saliva samples are required as part of this study.

Clinic Location

We are located at Heron House, Blackpool Retail Park, Blackpool, Cork, T23R50R


1. Your First Steps: Pre-screening Process

Spot a study that piques your interest and apply directly online— helping us to understand how you might fit into our groundbreaking research efforts.

Step 1: Online Introduction

Your journey begins by filling out an online form to help us understand your eligibility. It's quick, easy, and your first step toward making a real impact.

Step 2: Phone Conversation

Our friendly Recruitment Officers will contact you for a deeper dive into your eligibility and to discuss the study details. This step is all about ensuring a match that feels right for you & that you are a match for the study. Feel free to ask any burning questions during the call; our Team is happy to help.

Step 3: Schedule On-Site Visit

If you're a match for the study, our team will reach out to you schedule an onsite visit where we'll do a final screening

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