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Clinical Trials for Nutraceutical Products

Elevate Nutraceuticals with Expert Clinical Studies

Empower your clinical program with Atlantia, a proven leader in excellence. With a decade-long legacy, we offer precise, timely, and budget-concious clinical insights on a global scale. Our commitment to top-tier science meets a cost-effective approach, ensuring unparalleled value. Our team guides your project, providing expert direction and clear communication throughout. As clinic owners, we control variables like recruitment, ensuring robust protocol adherence. You can trust in our ICH-GCP certified teams for unwavering data integrity.

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Our Areas Of Expertise

functional foods

Functional Foods and Supplements

Our team excels in tailoring study approaches to regulatory guidelines and scientific literature. We guide you toward optimal studies for maximal impact.

medical foods

Medical Foods

Leveraging our participant database, gain access to diverse populations for precise medical food trials.

microbiome products

Microbiome-based Products

Born from APC Microbiome Ireland, Atlantia Clinical Trials boasts probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic trial expertise across diverse health areas.

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Take The First Step

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What We Do


Clinical Trial Design

Clinical Trial Design

Study design is a significant phase of any clinical research project. Our team works with sponsors to plan the optimal approach to your clinical research needs.


What's involved in Clinical Trial Design?

- Clinical Trial Budgeting
- Preliminary Research
- Study Feasibility
- Power Calculations
- Clinical Trial Protocol Development
- Study Document Preparation

Clinical Trial Regulation

Clinical Trial Regulation

Our regulatory team take into consideration the regulatory environment of the sponsor company to provide highly compliant clinical research.


What's involved in Clinical Trial Regulation?

- Regulation Research
- Ethics in Clinical Trials
- Claim Applications
- Structure/Function Claims
- Authorized Health Claims
- GRAS/QHC (Where applicable)

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Atlantia offers a proven ability to meet recruitment milestones. With an extensive participant database in both the EU & the US, we can ensure you get the participants best suited to your trials needs.


How we Handle Trial Recruitment?

- Extensive Volunteer Database in Europe and the US.
- Patient-centric Trial Model
‍- Community Events
- Doctor Involvement
- Online Advertising
- Traditional Advertising

Clinical Trial Reporting

Clinical Trial Reporting

The Atlantia Clinical Research team provide a comprehensive study reporting service. Our statisticians adhere to ICH-GCP standards to produce a statistical study report and a full clinical study report.


What does the Trial Close-Out Phase Include?

- Clinical Study Reports
- Publications
- Outreach Material Designs

Clinical Trial Conduct

Clinical Trial Conduct

Our unique model maximises control, reduces the risk of data inconsistency, and brings a sense of assurance to our clients dealing with one competent organisation as opposed multiple contract research organisations.


How to Conduct Clinical Research

- On Site Study Visits
- Project Management
- Quality Management
- Data Management
- Independent Study Monitoring
- Investigational Product Management

End-to-End Services

End-to-End Services

We are a flexible and dynamic company and we partner with our sponsors, aligning their clinical goals, to deliver the highest quality validation research in accordance to ICH-GCP standards.


The Clinical Trial Process

- Clinical Trial Design
- Clinical Trial Regulation
- Clinical Trial Recruitment
- Clinical Trial Reporting
- Clinical Trial Conduct
- Clinical Trial Analysis

Media & Resources

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Case Studies

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Latest News

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