Atlantia Clinical Trials clinical site in Chicago

Atlantia Clinical Trials showcase state of the art facility in Chicago, IL, USA.


Chicago IL, October 27, 2020. After months of delays due to the unprecedented arrival of Covid-19, Atlantia proudly announces the opening of new Chicago based clinical research site.

The new 7000sq ft site in 142. E. Ontario Suite 1200, Downtown Chicago is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Atlantia team. Speaking on the move from a smaller clinical site in Chicago, Andrea Doolan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Atlantia Clinical Trials, stated that Atlantia Food Clinical Trials has already grown too big for the Chicago office it opened almost two years ago. She also stated that the demand for our services has exceeded expectations and we simply need much more room to accommodate our operations. This demand for substantiated data is driven by consumer trends. Similarly, business to business sellers require validated data prior to purchasing ingredients they intend on using for their product.

The company has conducted over 120 studies and is an industry leader in delivering human clinical studies across a multitude of health areas. This is a result of the ability to meet the needs and expectations of sponsor companies, while also operating under the research based foundation of the company to conduct clinical trials at the highest standard. Atlantia Clinical Trials began life as a spinout of APC Microbiome Ireland, a world renowned SFI Research Centre, providing an immediate competitive advantage as the foundation of the company is based on quality research, and connects the company to the highly published academic community. As a result of such passion for quality, Atlantia are one of few companies globally that offer ICH-GCHP standards in human clinical trials.

Atlantia is uniquely positioned in the marketplace, running and operating its own clinical sites on a multinational level. Barry Skillingtion, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder at Atlantia Clinical Trials, outlines that we can offer multicentre and multinational trials within our own organisation, which reduces the noise in the dataset. This is particularly relevant for companies aiming to bring their product to a global market, in order to launch globally they may consider European clinical data as well as US data, and Atlantia possess the ability to recruit populations in both markets.

New facility features:

  • 15 Clinic rooms
  • Central phlebotomy lab
  • Locked -80° Celsius storage
  • Locked refrigerated/ambient storage
  • Sample preparation lab

What lies ahead for Atlantia Clinical Trials in Chicago? We will continue to keep providing excellent multinational clinical trial services to companies aiming to validate the health benefits of their food, probiotics, live therapeutics and medical food products through human clinical trials.

Atlantia delivers ICH-GCP standard clinical studies for functional ingredients in foods & beverages, medical foods, dietary supplements, probiotics, prebiotics and microbiome-based therapeutics on digestive health as well as many other health areas, Visit our clinical expertise areas. The team at Atincludes physician experts in digestive health, mental health, cardiovascular health, sports performance, metabolic disease, bone health, immune health and healthy ageing. 


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