Clinical Trial Participant Recruitment

“The internal validity, external validity and feasibility of a clinical study are contingent upon successful recruitment, enrolment, engagement with the intervention, and retention of an appropriate sample from the population under study” (Gupta et al., 2015)

Atlantia offers a proven ability to meet recruitment milestones of healthy participants, we have access to populations of all the age groups and we are experienced in recruiting populations from 20 to 600 participants per trial on budget, and on time. We have worked with populations ranging in ages from 2 to 75 years, and our recruiting model allows for faster recruitment across all our studies. We develop a close relationship with the volunteers through a Patient-Centric Trial model achieving high engagement and compliance to ensure a full reproducibility of the results. Our full-time, in house recruitment team follow a proactive and study-specific recruitment strategy, utilizing a multitude of strategies.

Digital recruitment strategies

Depending on the population requirements of a study, Atlantia will run a series of search engine marketing campaigns targeted towards those that are actively seeking information or treatment for an existing condition. The participants, family members, or caregivers that will see such ads are those who are proactive about the condition or treatment of the study – ensuring interest is created for the correct candidates decreases recruitment time, and increases retention rates. Similarly, we utilise social media for recruitment and have done so for many years, running and managing ad campaigns. We have a large following on social platforms which allows us to recruit efficiently. Furthermore, there is an extensive number of people are signed up to our mailing list, of this over 72% actively read our emails on new trials.

General Practitioner Referral Program

Atlantia possess a unique relationship with GP’s due to our close connection to the research community. Many GP’s share our vision to bridge the gap between research and practice, and as a result, provide us with access to difficult-to-reach patient populations. Potential participants benefit as they receive free health checks, and compensation of between €50 - €80 per visit. The success of this program is a testament to the respect and trust earned by Atlantia through good clinical practice.

Traditional Recruitment Methods

In conjunction with digital recruitment methods, we utilise newspaper advertisements and have built strong relationships with many organisations and societies, such as Diabetes Ireland and Teagasc. Atlantia have specialised knowledge in reaching potential participants both on and off-line.

What our participant community say about us

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