Clinical Trials Case Studies

Sleep & Immunity Research

Assessing the effectiveness of a probiotic strain on sleep quality.

IBS Research and Probiotics

Assessing the impact of a probiotic combo on mood, stress, and bowel symptoms in adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Probiotics and Weight Management

Investigating the Effect of a Probiotic on Body Composition and Weight Management in Overweight Adults

Assessing Trans-Epidermal Water Loss, Skin Hydration and Firmness

This case study presents a clinical trial that aimed to assess the effect of an oral supplement on some of these skin dimensions.

Global Cardiovascular, Immunity and Cognition Consumer Trends

Explore global consumer trends in the Cardiovascular, Immunity, and Cognition health areas: through the lens of Clinical Research
clinical trials with elder

Tackling ARTI in older adults

Conducting Clinical Trials in Elderly Populations

microbiome analysis

End-to-End Microbiome Clinical Research

Evaluating the efficacy of an investigational product on symptoms of Dyspepsia

FMD clinical studies

Assessing FMD in overweight adults

The efficacy of a product on flow mediated dilation (FMD) in healthy subjects with mild hypertension.

Video camera endoscopy (VCE) clinical trials

Video camera endoscopy (VCE) clinical trials

How to asset the ability of the probiotic strain to attenuate NSAIDs effect in deterioration of small intestinal mucosa tissue.

Digestive discomfort clinical trials

Digestive discomfort clinical trials

Measuring and assessing subjective health conditions such as digestive discomfort