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Panel Discussion: Bridging the gap between CBD science and regulation

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In 2018, CBD sales in the United States were estimated at $534 million, according to the Hemp Business Journal. USA projections in 2025 are expected to reach an estimated $25 Billion. To many, CBD offers a variety of benefits when ingested, inhaled, or applied topically – with product marketing and advertising claims similarly ranging from calming effects to pain relief. Patient use fuels the research drive, which is rapidly increasing, and recent changes in the United States have paved the way for exciting new work. Both the safety and the potential therapeutic uses of these products need to be assessed for a range of indications. With the rapid expansion of new products, novel methods of use, and growing populations using these products for medical indications or for nonmedical use, regulatory restrictions are a major contributing factor to the limited data published addressing the most urgent questions on the potential effectiveness of products on the market for certain indications. Asa Waldstein joins the Atlantia team to discuss how to use clinical data for marketing purposes to overcome regulatory hurdles that many CBD companies are encountering when commercializing their innovations.

Duration: 42 mins

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Topics discussed

  • Clinical trial process and types
  • CBD research market overview
  • FDA warning letter enforcement update
  • How to use clinical data in marketing
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Ted Dinan

Ted Dinan

Top cited scientist in the gut-brain axis, over 400 papers published in neurobiology.

Medical Director
Atlantia Clinical Trials

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Panel Discussion: Bridging the gap between CBD science and regulation