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Sian Lucking

Scientific Officer

About Sian Lucking

Sian Lucking studied biological sciences at University College Cork. After her MSc in conservation and biodiversity at the University of Exeter, England, she worked with several government and NGO organisations in England and Ireland developing sustainable fisheries practices and resilient coastal environments. In 2015, she returned to the University College Cork to complete a part-enterprise funded PhD in microbiology. Partnering with Biomarine Ingredients Ireland Ltd and the APC Microbiome Ireland Institute, she focused on the development of high-end value nutritional products from three pelagic fish species. Her research delved into the areas of aquaculture feeds, protein hydrolysates for functional beverages and, brain health, all based in a foundation of nutrition for gut health.

Before moving to Atlantia, Sian spent a time in academia, providing project management and specialist research expertise to several multi-national, EU-funded projects. She now leads the scientific team at the Cork-based CRO Atlantia Clinical Trials, delivering world-class human clinical studies to ICH-GCP standards. Sian’s research interests encompass marine sustainable food development, biotics and functional foods, microbial health and the gut-brain-axis. Sian currently works with a broad range of companies specialising in nutrition, microbiome and disease prevention research.

Sian Lucking