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Join a Study: Additional Information

Find out more information about participating in a study with Atlantia here. During a study you will always have the opportunity to ask more questions, and we will be here to help you every step of the way during the trial.

Joining a Study

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Participant Support

We'll provide assistance and address any concerns you have throughout the study to ensure your comfort and well-being. We are always contactable by phone, text, or email.

Data Collection

We'll gather information about your progress, health, and any changes during the study.

Information Confidentiality

Your privacy and personal information will be kept confidential and handled according to privacy regulations. Read more about our privacy policy here.


Once the study is finished and data is analyzed,the findings may be shared in medical publications to contribute to scientific knowledge. This can often take a couple of years.

Future Participation

Once you have completed a wash-out period, you can then apply to take part in another study. This is to ensure that the product is out of your system before we start analysing another product.

Your Well-Being

Your safety and well-being are our top priorities throughout the study process. You have the right to withdraw from a study at any time without any obligation.

Our Clinical Research Units

We Have Multinational & Multi-Center Capabilities

Cork, Ireland

Cork, Ireland

Atlantia Clinical Trials, Floor 1, Heron House, Blackpool, Cork, Ireland. T23 R50R

+353 (0)21 430 7442

Chicago, United States

Atlantia Clinical Trials, 142. E. Ontario Suite 1200.
Chicago, Illinois, 60611, USA

+1 312 535 9440

Chicago, United States

The Core Values Behind our Work

Our values shape our culture and define our character. At Atlantia we stay true to our values.
We believe our core values will ensure the future growth of both Atlantia & Clinical Research.

Innovation & Learning

Innovation & Learning

Continuously seek innovative ways and technologies to grow the business and encourage creativity and learning from mistakes.



Teamwork and collaboration- we achieve more together, with openness, transparency, trust, respect, accountability, and support.

Solutions Focused

Solutions Focused

A future focused, goal orientated approach, leveraging resilience, strengths and resources for pursuit of improved outcomes.

Excellence & Client Value Creation

Excellence & Client Value Creation

Being open, responsive and adaptive to clients changing needs and consistently delivering value. Continuously striving to improve the quality of our work and outputs and always giving our best effort.