Currently hiring: Recruitment Officer

Job Description: Recruitment Officer

The Recruitment Officer will carry out the daily operations of meeting recruitment targets for Atlantia’s clinical studies, being responsible for collecting recruitment data and maintaining the recruitment software in line with study protocol, ICH-GCP, Data Protection Regulations, Atlantia’s Policies, Work Instructions (WIs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Key Responsibilities:
  • Complete assigned training;
  • Complete recruitment phone calls according to schedule on recruitment software;
  • Schedule recruitment phone calls at the convenience of volunteer’s availability;
  • Update the volunteer’s status (ie. “interaction”) on recruitment software following each communication method whether volunteer answers/responds or not;
  • Check recruitment software every morning and evening to plan the daily tasks;
  • Supports the Recruitment and Marketing Manager, Project Manager and Clinical Trial Team in achieving recruitment targets to ensure all recruitment deliverables are met according to project timelines & budget;
  • Supports the coordination of the clinical trial recruitment stage set-up and development process;
  • Ensure all recruitment operations are carried out in accordance with relevant protocols, WI’s and SOP’s;
  • Assist with the development of recruitment documents and processes;
  • Ensures all recruitment procedures are conducted in accordance to the relevant Good Clinical Practice and Data Protection Guidelines;
  • Identify and report any issues or discrepancies encountered during all recruitment activities;
  • Ensure that volunteers are eligible for their preferred study by using the recruitment tools and any other resources available to you;
  • Complete tasks that are delegated to you by the Recruitment and Marketing Manager, such as outdoor recruitment, social media recruitment, traditional advertising methods (newspaper, radio, magazine), recruitment talks, and shows/exhibitions;
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Education, Experience, and Skills:
  • Experience in digital marketing/content marketing is a requirement for this position.

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