Currently hiring: Junior Statistician

Job Description: Junior Statistician

A new opportunity has arisen to become part of the Statistics Team in the at Atlantia Clinical Trials Ltd. as a full-time Junior Statistician. Early career statisticians are encouraged to apply.  Primary location is Atlantia Clinical Trials Ltd in Blackpool, Cork but flexible working conditions are available. The Statistician is responsible for conducting statistical analysis of clinical trial data at Atlantia Clinical Trials Ltd. In addition, the Statistician provides guidance to the research team with regard to clinical trial design and the selection of appropriate objectives for clinical trials.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Collaboration with Lead biostatistician in analysis activities including study design, analysis planning, statistical analysis, results report writing, and presentation of results to clients for all clinical studies.
  • Provide data analysis support for researchers and biostatisticians in the research department by using statistical software.
  • Produce tables and graphics for statistical reports using SPSS and R computer languages.
  • Undertaking other statistical and data-related tasks as required.
  • Assist with interpretation of analysis results.
  • Implement appropriate data collection and quality control methods in line with ICH-GCP and CDISC.
  • Represent Atlantia at conferences, events, open days, etc.
  • Work collaboratively with other departments including Operations, Data Managers, and Quality.
  • Other duties as assigned by your manager.
  • Where appropriate, contributing to drafting scientific papers for publication.
Education, Experience, and Skills:
  • Minimal level Honours Bachelor's Degree in a quantitative or related field (i.e., Applied Statistics, Health Sciences, etc.).
  • Proficient IT skills.
  • Proficient in using statistical software SPSS and R.
  • SAS and other programming beneficial.
  • Knowledge of specific stats methods/techniques (parametric and non-parametric testing, linear mixed models, regression models, outlier management, etc.).
  • Ability to independently data-mine multiple large, complex datasets to answer specific research/investigation questions. Curiosity to dig deeper and access other documentation sources to understand the data.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Relevant applied experience is desirable.
Education, Experience, and Skills:

Atlantia Clinical Trials, based in Cork, specialise in conducting scientific food studies with a focus on natural approaches to health and disease prevention. Our extensive and well-equipped medical-grade research centre was established 10 years ago as a spin-out of University College Cork and is the only food research centre of its kind in Ireland. Atlantia are experts at managing every type of human clinical study from design to the desirable outcome, whether this is to obtain proof of efficacy, substantiate a health claim or simply to gather credible clinical evidence to support Sales and Marketing teams. We pride ourselves on being a flexible and dynamic company and we partner with our clients, aligning their goals with their clinical project, working together to deliver the highest quality validation research in accordance with ICH-GCP standards.


Atlantia has a sister clinic site in Chicago and tests a range of products, such as probiotics, prebiotics, and botanical extracts, across multiple health areas such as gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, sports performance, cognitive, metabolic, and joint/bone health. Clients include The Smarter Food Company, PepsiCo, Nestle, and Danone.

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