Are you a General Practitioner or healthcare professional?

Are you a General Practitioner or healthcare professional?

What our participant community say about us


Atlantia is unique in the research community, as we recruit healthy and pre-disease participants into our studies and perform all aspects of the trial at our clinic site. Participants benefit as they receive free health checks, blood analysis and depending on a study, may have a DXA to measure bone density or body composition, or may have guided exercise or nutritional programmes. We are happy to share all this data with their GP or healthcare professional. Participants who complete our studies also receive payment in the range of €50 to €80 per visit, to cover any costs incurred.

We are inviting General Practitioners the opportunity to get involved. Our goal is to bridge the gap between General Practice and research, without the added burden of completing the research study in your practice.


Enable regular health check access for patients

Facilitate Health, Nutrition and Microbiome Research 

Reduce the burden of completing research studies in your practice


Atlantia are to investigate the effect of a supplement called Turmipure Gold and how it effects muscle pain and...
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Memory loss
We are currently recruiting two studies that are evaluating the effect of a 24 week daily supplement on Memory...
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Prediabetes-Insulin Resistance Study
We are evaluating the effect of a 120-day oral supplement on insulin sensitivity & markers of glycaemic control in...
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DIME Study
We are evaluating the effect of a daily oral supplement on glycaemic control and insulin sensitivity in otherwise...
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Prediabetes-Broccoli Study
We are investigating the effect of a concentrated broccoli formula and its potential benefit for reducing and/or...
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We are evaluating the effect of a fibre supplement (Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum) on stool frequency in adults who...
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Ulcerative Colitis Study
We are evaluating the effects of a non-digestible carbohydrates (similar to a dietary fibre) on its impact on gut...
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