Mind, Mood & Microbes: Atlantia Gold Sponsors

Join us for the 3rd instillation of Mind, Mood & Microbes

Atlantia return as Gold Sponsor at the Mind, Mood & Microbes virtual event, on the 18th-20th of May, 2021!

Preclinical studies are increasingly providing evidence which indicates a significant role the gut microbiome has in modulating brain development and overall longterm health. This has led to further research on the link between the brain-gut axis and mood & behaviour, impacting conditions such as depression and anxiety. Furthermore, research conducted by world-renowned scientists, such as Prof. Ted Dinan, Medical Director at Atlantia has showed promising findings on preventing brain related conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and autism through the gut microbiota. However, such findings are too preliminary to make absolute claims. The most prominent modern challenge is translating the findings/insights from current research into a clinical context.

This event brings together the worlds leading scientists, healthcare professionals, and industry partners not only from the space of the brain-gut axis, but also the many complimentary fields to discuss and move this field of expertise forward, to accelerate the transition of research, to clinical practice. 


Atlantia Clinical Trials Speaker bio:

Suszie Tyree is a Research Manager for Atlantia Clinical Trials, with a background in scientific research. Suszie received her Master’s degree from Otago University (New Zealand) studying the role of high-fat diet and dietary hormones on brain functions related to anxiety. Prior to joining the team at Atlantia, Suszie also spent three years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University (California, USA).

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