ISAPP 2021 Annual Meeting

ISAPP 2021 Annual Meeting: Meet with Atlantia Clinical Trials

The International Scientific Association of Prebiotics and Probiotics: Annual Meeting, June 1st - 3rd 2021

This yearly event is like no other, as it brings together industry leading experts in probiotic/prebiotic research. Attendees will have access to an array of activities over the three day period, including talks from scientists/researchers in specific segments, and the option to discuss industry collaborations with prospects. Atlantia will be attending the event, offering exclusive video content, be sure to book a meeting with our experts!

June 1: Prebiotics and Prebiotics for the brain

The morning will have a focus on targeting the microbiota-gut-brain-axis, with the ultimate goal of developing an evidence based approach to metabolic and mental health. This will be followed by an interesting session on prebiotics and degenerative neurological diseases. 

June 2: Probiotics, COVID-19 and Vaccines

The preliminary session in the morning will have a focus on probiotics, Covid-19 and vaccines, a hot topic in the microbiome space! Talks will range from probiotic COVID-19 clinical trials, to genetically engineered  vaccines. After lunch, the ISAPP Scientific Panel will be open for a Q&A session, have your questions ready! Lastly, attendees will have the opportunity to video network with participants, speakers and board members.

June 3: Advances in Probiotics and Prebiotics

The early session on the 3rd and final day will focus on 'postbiotics', with scientific, industry, and regulatory prespectives. More specifically, the definition and implications, industry perspectives and regulatory challenges. Networking will once again be available from 12:30PM.

Our Content:

Research Manager at Atlantia, Suszie Tyree will be presenting a case study on an IBS human clinical study, which was conducted at Atlantia. Furthermore, Suszie will provide her thoughts on pitfalls to avoid when designing a clinical study, based on her extensive experience. If you are not attending the event, you can schedule a meeting by reaching out to sales@atlantiatrials.com

SUSZIE TYREE | Scientific Officer at Atlantia Clinical Trials

Suszie Tyree is a Medical Writer for Atlantia Clinical Trials with a background in scientific research. Suszie received her Master’s degree from Otago University (New Zealand) studying the role of high-fat diet and dietary hormones on brain functions related to anxiety. Following that, Suszie gained her PhD from the University of Potsdam (Germany) in collaboration with the German Institute of Human Nutrition studying food choice behaviours and neural processing of taste information. Prior to joining the team at Atlantia, Suszie also spent three years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University (California, USA). At Atlantia Suszie develops research protocols and ethics application documents for clinical trials testing food and microbiome-based products on a range of health measures including cognition, microbiome analysis, glucose-response, bone-health, etc. Suszie is also involved in developing clinical study reports to present findings from the studies carried out at Atlantia.