CPhI Discover, 2021

Join the CPhI Discover annual event, 2021!

Meet with Atlantia Clinical Trials at the Annual CPhI discover virtual event!

(24th-28th of May 2021)

The networking aspect occurs after a week of content sessions from industry leading experts and thought leaders in pharma. 

The goal of CPhI Discover is to offer partnering opportunities for a new product or solution. We believe the content provided on our company profile illustrates our proven capabilities to conduct all aspects of a human clinical trial, in-house. Furthermore, we possess the capabilities to conduct multi-centre, multi-market human studies as we own and operate clinics in both Cork, Ireland and Chicago, USA.

Meet with our experts at CPhI Discover to discuss your upcoming project. If you can't make the event, reach out to sales@atlantiatrials.com

How does the CPhI Networking work?

First and foremost, you will be required to register for the FREE event at cphidiscover.com, 

Here, you can book a meeting with Atlantia Clinical Trials.

To register for the event, visit the event registration page